Rondinaro Havanese

The Adoption Process

The Havanese breed is such a lovable and desirable breed. For quality, you might have to be on a waiting list. Some folks have to wait for 6-9 months before getting the right puppy. Please fill out our Application and Questionnaire and we will put you on our list of puppy hopefuls. You will be notified of available puppies or the status of an up-coming litter. All inquiries will be held for up to one year.

Once puppies are born, a mass e-mail will be sent out notifying everyone on the list that they have arrived. At that time, if you have not filled out our on-line Application and Questionnaire, you should do so to be considered as a Forever Home for a puppy. It will ask for 3 references, with one being from a veterinarian and two others from people that know you, your family's environment and living situation. Please inform those folks they may receive a call to be asked information about you. Before a home visit can be scheduled, the Application and Questionnaire, with checked references, is required.

The Application and Questionnaire is important. It tells us a little bit about you and your family so that the puppy matches your expectations and life style. Not all puppies are suitable for each family situation. A very few puppies will be available with show prospect expectations; most others will be sold as pets. We require you to spay or neuter your puppy sometime before first birthday.  You will be given a “limited” AKC application to register your puppy as a pure bred Havanese (there is a box that will be blackened, alerting AKC that any litters from the puppy are not to be AKC acceptable). Your puppy can’t be shown for conformation nor can you register any puppies your puppy may produce. (But you can still compete in other AKC events such as Agility, Obedience, and Rally.) Failure to have your puppy neutered or spayed will result in Rondinaro Havanese regaining ownership of that puppy,  by legal means if necessary.( Your signature on the Contract/Purchase Agreement implies you understand, agree, and will comply with this requirement.)

Once we know a female is pregnant and healthy (checked by our vet), we start accepting deposits. When the puppies are born, we accept additional deposits for the remaining puppies. Deposits are on a first come, first serve basis, but not for a particular puppy. All persons on the wait list will be notified at the same time.

Home visits begin after puppies have had their first set of shots; approximately 6 weeks of age. Havanese puppies typically don't leave home before 9-10 weeks old. During your home visit, if it is not time for your puppy to go to its new home, please bring and leave a " smelly” old T-Shirt that you and/or other family members have worn for several days so that puppy can start learning your smells while being crate trained. If you have any pets currently living in your home, bring old socks, one for each pet. During the visit, you will be able to rub your puppy with the socks and take the puppy’s smell back home for your pets to prepare for the new arrival. If your pet will be flying to its new home (with you), please mail a shirt and socks to us and we will do the honors. You will get your clothes back on pick up day, but please only send old items in the event we mess up :-\

For local families, multiple home visits can be scheduled (and are encouraged!) so that you may play with your new puppy. We happily hold puppies for families moving, making payments, or traveling.

The last part of the process... The BIG DAY: picking up your bundle of wiggly joy to take to its Forever Home. YOURS!

 Plan to be at our home for about an hour. We will go over important issues you will need to know regarding feeding and caring for your Havanese puppy. We will have a “Puppy Pack” for you with a “New puppy TIPS sheet,” a supply of puppy food that she/he is accustomed to eating, a cozy small blanket and stuffed toy with Mama’s and littermates scents to help with the transition, a chew toy for your puppy’s chewing needs, a few puppy pee pads, her/his medical history, and an ancestry/pedigree chart.

 For the best, smartest, most loving furry friend you will ever have!