Rondinaro Havanese

Pick up and Delivery...

     (We are a NO FLY ZONE breeder....Puppy stays on the ground. Period.  So please, don't even ask.)

We truly believe putting a 10 week old puppy on a airplane, alone, is inhumane.  They are just getting their start in life without their momma... and the car ride is traumatic enough.  We just won't do it.  BUT we will meet you half way.  For mileage fees and the time it takes to bring your puppy to you, we will deliver!  (It will probably be less than the airfare to ship anyway!) Just work with us.  We want the very best for your new (our)  puppy.  The very best route is you come to visit (often) as your puppy we get to know each other (not to mention your puppy gets to know you, too!)    If that can't happen, because you live 50, 500, or 5000 miles away...we'll have a way for you to see and watch your puppy through Webcam when the litter is about 3-4 weeks old (More on this as we develop this website.)

 For the best, smartest, most loving furry friend you will ever have!