(2017) Penny's March 26th litter

Little Callie(we called her 'lil Em while she was with us....)

Sweet Tommy!

(2017) Scarlett's October 29th litter

More and more new owners and friends!

Awwww...you want to be friends?                              Ouch!  Guess not!.

 For the best, smartest, most loving furry friend you will ever have!

MORE new owners and friends!!!.

We love that one of our favorites families have both brother and sister.  They also have a pup from Scarlett's first litter and another non-related Havi.  GO GUYS!!!!!!!  

Scarlett's November 2015 Litter

New Owners and Friends!

Rondinaro Havanese

Dear Wrigley... our first total chocolate.  Love her!

Some family photos....

  Rondinaro Havanese Gathering

     Sunday October 22, 2017

Hosted by Lori and Mark Heinzman

             Fishers, Indiana  

Little dog in the BIG city!  Walter!!

Penny's February 2015 litter

    Christmas puppies,  every one!

(2016) Scarlett's October 22nd litter

Penny's April 30, 2016 Litter