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Our girl "Scarlett"

Carohav's Frankly My Dear of Rondon

AKC # TS17700401

DOB:  07-08-13

Our boy "Rondy"

Carohav Justice for All of Rondon

AKC # TS02293702

DOB: 01-22-11

         Welcome to Rondinaro Havanese! 

     We are a small, hobby breeder located in southern Indiana.  Our dogs come from champion stock and are AKC registered.   We breed for health, temperament, and conformation within the Breed Standard.  All our adult dogs are fully health tested and their records can be found on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals' website:

     We were first drawn to this wonderful, little breed by a friend who suggested we look into this "Cuban Beauty" as our family has adoption ties to the island. I was also looking to start a passion in conformation showing... a "bucket list" desire of many years.  Y aqui tienes el resultado! (Voila!)

Our girl "Penny"

Carohav's Penny for Your Thoughts

AKC # TS06378001

DOB: 08-11-11

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This native dog of Cuba....

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a small, sturdy dog of immense Charm...

 For the best, smartest, most loving furry friend you will ever have!

Rondinaro Havanese

Adopting a puppy is serious business.  The decision to do it means 12-15 years of commitment and responsibility to this wonderful addition to your family.  Purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder is a great first step! Responsible breeders cherish their puppies and will ask many questions of potential buyers.  Don't be offended; that breeder is dedicated to your puppy for it's entire life!  If for any reason you can not keep your puppy (at ANY age) your breeder will gladly take it back.  Never take your Havanese to an animal shelter.  Ever.