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Rondinaro Havanese

What is the Difference between a Havanese and Havana Silk Dog?

In searching for your new Havanese puppy you may have come across something called Havana Silk Dog and wondered what the difference is. It’s a very good question.

First, the breed known as the Havanese is the ONLY AKC recognized breed that originated in Cuba. Through history the Havanese has been known as the Havana Silk Dog and Spanish Silk Poodle. Some people are trying to market the Havanese under one of the old names, the Havana Silk Dog. Those trying to use this marketing ploy are using the exact same dogs that the original and only Havanese breed were and are from.

The Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA) was formed a few years ago. Unfortunately, the creation of the HSDAA is a political movement within our breed which has had a divisive impact on our long-established national breed organization, The Havanese Club of America (HCA).

This group claims that dogs registered to the HSDAA are an "elite" registry of Havanese dogs who are appropriately health-screened, free of chondrodyplasia (a condition which causes bowing of the legs and is sometimes associated with other serious health issues), and who display "true Cuban breed type." The goal of this organization is to gain recognition for the "Havana Silk Dog" as a breed that is separate and distinct from the "American Havanese." Please understand that this organization's use of Havana Silk Dog to describe their "distinct breed" is very misleading. The term Havana Silk Dog is a historical name for the Havanese and these dogs originated from the same dogs as the Havanese. So we are talking about the same breed; not a new, distinct, or designer breed!

The Havanese is the native dog of Cuba and today there are many reputable Havanese breeders here in the United States. HCA, as the AKC Parent Club for Havanese, serves as caretaker of our breed. We take pride in a proactive health program led by the HCA Health Committee. HCA developed the innovative Top Paw Health Award system to encourage health testing and recognizes those breeders who are embracing healthy breeding program and mentoring others. All reputable Havanese breeders, whether a member of HCA or not, breed to AKC standard and do these recommended health test. Reputable Havanese breeders would not breed a dog with any known health issues including chondrodyplasia. To learn more about the HCA health test and Top Paw Health Awards, visit the HCA website.