Rondinaro Havanese

New Buyers Application and Questionnaire

Please print, fill out, and either snail-mail  to Rondinaro Havanese,  4837 S. County Road 950 W., French Lick, IN 47432 or email to

Thank you for your interest! 

Name, Address, Home phone number, cell phone number, and email, please:



Marital Status:

Name of spouse/partner:

Names, number, and ages of children: 


Spouse's occupation:

How did you find Rondinaro Havanese?

What type of house do you live in?

How long at this address?
Do you rent or own?

Does your landlord allow pets?

Do you have a fenced yard?

          If not, how will you potty your dog?

Do you have other pets?                                      Type and ages: 

Are these pets altered?

What draws you to the Havanese breed?



What concerns or questions do you have about the breed?


Do you believe in or/and understand how crate training works?           Are you planning to do this with your new puppy?



Where will the puppy/dog sleep?



We require a spay/neuter sale of our puppies.  Are you okay with this?



If you were ever in a situation and found yourself unable to care for the dog, who would take over the dog's care?

Have you ever turned over a dog to a pound/shelter or returned a dog to a breeder before?  If so, please explain the situation.



Where will your dog be kept when nobody is at home?  On average, how long will your puppy/dog be left alone at home?


Please explain why you think that you would be a great home for a Havanese:


Please provide three (3) references with phone numbers: One being your veterinarian and two others that know you personally, your environment and living situation.  


 For the best, smartest, most loving furry friend you will ever have!

Rondinaro Havanese

Rondinaro Havanese

New Buyers Application and Questionnaire

 Please click on the "Application" button,  download the three (3) page document,  

fill it out in its entirety, and snail-mail to;

Rondinaro Havanese, 4837 S. County Road 950 W., French Lick, IN 47432

Thank you for your interest!