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from puppy coat to

adult coat can be challenging!  

Daily brushing is critical!

Natural Sunshade
Long hair covering the eyes is ideal for a dog living in sunny Cuba! (But we love to see those eyes!)


Carohav's Frankly My Dear of Rondon 


The Havanese breed belongs to the family of dogs called Bichons, who were know throughout Europe for many centuries. "

The French word Bichon means "fleecy dog" and is thought to be a contraction of the word Barbichon or "bearded."  It is probably related to the French word Barbet, which also refers to an ancient breed of water spaniel similar to the Poodle, from which all Bichons of the world are descended.

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Rondinaro Havanese

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Carohav Justice for All of Rondon



Carohav's Penny for Your Thoughts


Steve's been in TV news, PR, and marketing for too many years to count.  Tammy has been involved in community service, customer service, non-profits, marketing, public relations, a little retail, merchandising, and now.... a small hobby Havanese breeder.  (Showing in the conformation ring was on her bucket list. She has done some of that ...but is currently concentrating on breeding for the Standard.)


Picture (r) is Tammy holding Rondy for the first time at about 6-7 weeks old.  It was love at first sight! (March 2011)